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What’s in My Office Bag

Woman’s bag is a bottomless hole where all things disappear when you need them. Office bag (yes, there’s difference between your day-to-day bag and office one). If you don’t get it, just skip reading this post.

If you’re one of us, Hermione’s bag fans, welcome to the club.

Office bag can’t be huge, can’t be tiny, it has to be of the exactly perfect shape to carry all your goods and some beauty products.

So, what’s in my office bag, you ask?

Everything! From pen and pensil to nails oil. What can I say… beauty blogger’s life is not easy when you work in the office from 10am till 6pm.

ph @a_opimakh

The most important thing here is my note book for any business notes. I still prefer to have a paper version of my notes, although I’m a technological type of person. It’s still important for me to take data and notes down and be sure they won’t “disappear” anywhere.

My main job now is realtor/marketing manager (2 in 1) in a real estate company and having my notes, contacts and property data safe and sound is one of the essential points.

ph @a_opimakh

Then goes the power bank for my phone just in case I don’t have any socket nearby. My favorite one is a very old power bank, I don’t even remember where I got it from, most important is that it charges the phone perfectly.

Several pens and pencils, plus one more tiny note book (from the hotel, I suppose). Cause you never know when the pen decides to stop writing.

Of course, a tiny beauty bag. I just can’t leave home without one. Here I have everything needed to refresh my makeup, especially if you live in a hot as hell climate like me.

ph a_opimakh

Here you can find one of my favorite day-to-day lip glosses from NYX – Mega Shine BEIGE (do you see how used it is, and I still love it); nail file and oil in stick to refresh that dry cuticles; travel size White Tea hand cream from Elizabeth Arden to keep hands moisturized; small double mirror to see all those imperfections; keys, ID, purse from Miniso and some snacks for late meetings.

ph @a_opimakh

Plus one more of my favorites is this tiny earphone pouch from Miniso. Such a great idea to keep your earphones organized and not to struggle with it each time.

That’s pretty much all I have and carry with me everyday.

What’s in your office / college bag? Comment below to see if we have something in common 💭

xoxo, Anna

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