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Summer Balcony Playlist

So, it’s been a while since our last playlist! People say it’s never too late, right? What’s up guys? Are you enjoying your summer days? Has anyone already swam in the sea? It’s our Ukrainian joke, by the way. When it’s mid summer and you’re busy that much that you have no chance for vacation at all. As we don’t have any sea in Kyiv (we won’t take into account our artificial sea, yes we do have one) we have to make up other ways how to have a rest!

We like picnics! It can be open-air, like in the park or by the river or in the forest (after picking up some berries or mushrooms).

If you don’t have enough time or the idea of picnic comes to your mind late in the evening you can have one straight on your balcony.

ph @anya_mizyunskaya

It can be the balcony without any roof or with large panoramic windows. What’s more important is the view! Both locations must be with a great city view, otherwise it has no chance.

When you are about to make a picnic, besides obvious things like food and drinks you need an atmosphere! And what can make it better if not music? Imagine warm summer evening, golden hour (almost sunset) nobody is rushing, many pillows on the floor and a small coffee table where you have delicious cheese plate, saucer with honey, baguette, pate, jamón, fresh fruits and berries, and of course an iced Rose!

ph @anya_mizyunskaya

To sum up the atmosphere here’s our summer balcony playlist for the background:

xoxo, Anna

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